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Whether it is minor refurbishment or a major back to basics reconstruction of a once derelict and forlorn car, the process of a restoration still contains the 4 basic elements. These are:

  • Strip and Assessment – This key stage must essentially be completed before any restoration can be properly scoped and of course costed with any certainty. Even sound looking bodywork can hide major problems!!.
Much the same applies to engines and other systems. There are no shortcuts, only bad assumptions.
  • Reconstruction – Whether this is a mechanical or structural and cosmetic restoration or both, only skilled craftsmen, using the best tools and manufacturing processes will successfully transform tired bodywork and worn machinery to as good as new.
We at Aston Workshop are proud of the team we have assembled, the new and old technologies we have mastered and the state of the art tools and manufacturing facilities we employ. These we describe.
  • Assembly – Bringing the myriad of carefully overhauled and finished components together, installing them carefully. Engines in particular require to be carefully bedded in and adjusted, and this takes time and skill. It also requires a fanatical attention to detail.
Above all, it takes team work, for access is perforce limited and the numbers working on an owner’s car therefore needs to be well managed to achieve the optimal outcome. These skills we illustrate.
  • Test and finish – Only when all the components have been carefully assembled, installed and adjusted do we see a complete car again. It is only then that we have the opportunity to undertake the many functional tests, adjustments and retests to access the car’s potential.

Whether a major restoration or an engine rebuild, the acceptance of the car is only complete when it is handed over spotless, well polished, and with a completed historical record of everything that that has been undertaken.

A dirty and unpleasant job. The final stage is a bead blast to remove all vestige of corrosion to reveal the true state of the underlying structure The structure is particularly uncompromising and takes experience, time and skill to do well Attention to the smallest detail is what makes the difference The final check will involve an extended road test to check that all is as it should be.
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